As full members of the Property Care Association and Government "Trust Mark" approved contractors we diagnose and solve condensation problems.

If you have black mould forming on various surfaces within your property then it is extremely likely that you have a condensation problem being caused by excessive warm moisture laden air within your property and not from rising damp or damp penetrating through walls.

Condensation in buildings is a major damp problem that affects many domestic properties.

Condensation is generally perceived to be a winter problem. Cold air enters a building, the air is warmed for comfort, the warm air takes up and holds moisture, the warm moist air then comes into contact with cold surfaces and condensation occurs when excess water is released.

Very often the first indication of condensation is  mould growth in the most affected areas. It can also be seen as misting of windows leading to water droplets and even puddles of water on horizontal surfaces such as window sills. Other areas typically affected are cold external walls or pipework, and where there is poor air circulation, behind items of furniture, in built-in cupboards or in corners of rooms for example.

Condensation can be often be addressed by ensuring an adequate balance is achieved between heating, ventilation and insulation. However, more often than not other control measures are required to deal with condensation. 

To prevent recurrence as well as advising on condensation control measures we install a dynamic whole home positive input ventilation control unit that sits discreetly within the loft space. The unit takes dryer air from roof spaces or lofts and mixes this with air in the dwelling. 

This is done at a very low rate (below half an air change per hour) and has the effect of lowering total moisture content int he home and removing moist air by natural leakage.The unit is located at a central position on your landing area whilst working very efficiently to ventilate your entire home, transforming a stagnant stale atmosphere into a fresh, healthy, condensation free environment.

Please note that our survey fee is £80.00 including a written report. This is refundable if at anytime you instruct us to carry out any works that we identify.

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