Damp Proofing

Based in Dover, Kent, we are full members of the Property Care Association and Government "Trust Mark"approved Damp Proofing contractors.

Please call us on 01304 826573 to arrange your comprehensive survey.

We carry out Guaranteed treatments to resolve Damp problems throughout Kent for both home owners and commercial clients.

All of our works are undertaken by  directly employed PCA Qualified Technicians working to the relevant British Standards. We only use materials that have appropriate certification such as BBA approval.

Our initial damp survey is  carried out by our CSRT qualified Remedial Surveyors who will look to eliminate potential external sources of damp such as water ingress from damaged gutters, cracks in the building masonry and high external ground levels.

Our survey will allow us to determine which type of damp is present and how best to treat it.

Please note that we charge a survey fee of £150.00 including a written report. This is refundable if at anytime you instruct us to carry out any works that we identify.

Damp is present in one form or another in over 70% of buildings. Where damp levels are high many problems can occur from visible damage to internal walls and timbers through to unseen damage from Dry Rot to floor joists and timbers.

Rising damp is defined as the vertical flow of water through a permeable wall structure by capillary action - ie water rising from the ground and up through walls.

Typically its main pathway is through the mortar beds of the brickwork.

The ground water contains small amounts of soluble salts, these travel up through the wall with the water. They are then left behind on the face of the wall as the water evaporates. This leaves the typical bund seen below and are known as hygroscopic salts.

Hygroscopic salts absorb moisture from their surroundings , even if a remedial damp proof course is installed to prevent further rising damp, the salts can continue to cause the wall to remain damp.

To provide a permanent dry wall and a suitable surface to take new decorations our damp proof course system involves two fundamental processes.

We insert a new chemical damp course from the outside of the building - this is carried out through a series of pre drilled holes 150mm above ground level.

We can carry out this process to solve damp problems to solid brick walls, cavity walls and even to random stone walls.

All of our works are covered by a Company Guarantee. They can also be covered by a separate GPI insurance backed guarantee if required.

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"Thanks to Paul, Terry and Ben for the extensive damp proofing works on our home at Greenfield Road.  The place was clean and tidy upon our return and you were ALL really kind to us explaining things etc."

                   Susan Coulstock Homeowner, Folkestone

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