Flood Protection

Based in Dover, Kent we are members of the Property Care Associations Flood Group and Government Trustmark Approved Flood Protection installers.

We carry out detailed Flood Protection surveys and install complete Flood Protection systems to homes at risk of Flooding throughout Kent, Sussex and Surrey.

We only install Bsi Kite marked products designed to exceed the British Standard (PAS 1188-1.2014) and are approved installers for leading product manufacturers such as Aquobex and Floodtite.

Please note that we charge a survey fee of £180.00 including a written report showing potential flood risks and protection solutions. This is refundable if at anytime you instruct us to carry out any works that we identify.

Flood Barriers

Most people assume that the majority of flood damage is done via water entry through doors, windows, air bricks etc. Although this is not actually the case it is no surprise that the most popular forms of flood protection are flood barrier based systems .

We install a unique, patented, re-useable and totally demountable flood protection barrier technology that can protect your property from flooding up to 1 meter in height. These flood protection barriers are constructed from recycled materials in the UK and are available in a range of sizes to cover all openings, from the very smallest to the largest. Because these flood barriers are totally demountable they are also highly unobtrusive leaving behind no unsightly framework. They are easy and speedy to fit and come with a toolkit, training manual and support. Flood barriers are available for: Doors Windows Garage Doors Patio Doors Bay Windows Meter Housings (Utility Meters)

Permanent Replacement Flood Doors

We are able to replace existing external doors with permanent UPVC flood doors that are flood resilient up to 600mm. The advantage of a permanent flood door over a demountable flood barrier is that it is always in place and operational.

External Wall Sealant

You would be surprised to see how porous most walls are and how inadequately many pipes, cables etc. have been fitted. This means that in a very short time flood damage can start to take place actually through your walls, even if you have invested in flood protection barriers. We apply a wall sealant up to first floor level externally and also inspect all pipes and cables that pierce your walls and check that they have been sealed effectively (they usually haven’t, take a look at your satellite cable) and seal where necessary.

Internal Wall Tanking

We are able to cementitiously tank internal walls and concrete floor slabs when required. How the water has previously entered the property will determine if this level of waterproofing is needed. Note that this should be carried out prior to any replastering works that you may have planned - it can form part of the package of internal works being carried out via insurance companies.

Non Return Valves

According to some data about half of all flood claims are due to back-filling of sewerage pipes. This causes ‘foul’ water to flood the property from the inside by flowing back via toilets, plug holes, waste pipes and so on. No matter how many flood barriers or how good your wall sealant, they do not protect against flooding from inside. We can either sink a new manhole outside the property and fit non-return valves to eliminate the possibility or if space does not permit this we are able to fit an alternative Non-Return Valve that will simply push-in to your current pipework. .

Available in a range of sizes our Non-Return Valves can be fitted above and below ground and will completely protect your property from the threat of back-fill.

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